Eclipse Window Shit Storm

Lately, every time I try to write, I stop myself. I’m afraid of what people will think, that nobody will get it, I’ll look like an idiot. How can I put to words what I am feeling right now, experiencing, knowing, getting, desiring, yearning for? How can I say it so people will get it, … Continue reading Eclipse Window Shit Storm


Perthro – Taking Risks

What we’re working for is going to take risks. We’re going to have to get out of our comfort zones. We’re going to have to risk letting go of old systems that don’t serve us (governments, beliefs, et cetera). We’re gonna have to risk opening our hearts to each other and letting each other in, … Continue reading Perthro – Taking Risks

I Am Here

Not falling for your jagged principles broken on the ground your hidden lies. I don't know everything but I know the Truth inside me. I feel it. It burns it rages it keens. It waves, ebbs & flows And I can feel Her, pulling back, getting ready for a Tidal wave.