Warrior Healing


Hey ya’ll, I’m offering this gem essence that I made. A few weeks ago I went into the foothills of the Sierras to “Knights Ferry” by the Stanislaus River, traditional Lakisamni Yokut territory, to be in nature and pray, for healing and strength, for myself and all of us at this time. I took some stones & spring water up there with me to make a gem essence. I found a really sweet spot up in the rocks where I could be in the Sun. There were a lot of Clouds that day; it was snowing further up in the Sierras. I sat down on the moss and the sweet little bitty ground cover that was flowering, next to a Manzanita & a bunch of Oaks. I got everything ready and as soon as I put my hands together and closed my eyes to pray, the Sun opened up onto me, the stones and the water. It softened me to tears and I prayed with all of my heart. I prayed with every stone, with the water, gave thanks to the land and asked the nature spirits to bless the work I was doing. Right when I poured the water the Clouds covered the Sun and a cool gentle Breeze came up and blessed everything. I sat and meditated and prayed with the essence for a few hours. A couple Vultures came near where I was and hung out. They made a few passes over me and the essence giving it their blessing as well.

So with that, I’m offering this essence with the desire to support your healing & strength to face what we are facing right now. And also to support myself financially at this time. I have three 1 oz bottles available right now, sliding scale $8-$13, plus a few bucks for shipping. I’m going to have smaller bottles available soon too; I just need to get the bottles. Email me at crazywitchlove@gmail.com or message me on Facebook if you’d like a bottle!


The Warrior Healing Gem Essence has Spring Water, Grain Alcohol, and essences of Mariposite, Pyrite, Rose Quartz, the Rune Kenaz, & blessed by the Nature Spirits, the Sun & Clouds, the cool breeze, the River, Oaks, Manzanita, &  Vulture.         

Mariposite: Soothing & calming for the heart & emotional body. Supporting a heart centered being and calm & flexibility to face change. Pyrite: Protection. Personal power & will. The Sun, fire, the Spark of Life. Truth. Strength. Specifically supports empowerment & protection in fighting for justice, freedom, & protection for people & planet. Rose Quartz: Heart Chakra. Compassion. Unconditional Love. Supports emotional healing & trauma. Supports heart connection with others. Kenaz: Rune of the Torch, the guiding light of inner wisdom. Supporting your trust in your own intuition & inner Truth. Vulture:  Death & Rebirth. Collaboration. Community. Vulture glides on air currents, teaching us how to have levity & move with the energy without exhausting ourselves.

In Love & Solidarity


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