Message from the Holy Mother

The Holy Mother says:
Unburden yourself to me. You are so heavy. You are holding so much. SO much. This is a time of testing. You are being asked of so much right now. I am here to aid you at this time. Let me help you, let me hold this weight for you, so that you can be lighter, freer to stand, to do what is being asked of you right now.
She is here to help us at this revolutionary moment. In all of her forms. She is here to give us strength and courage. To destroy that which no longer serves us. To wash away the remnants of the old world that is still holding on, outside and inside of us. To open us to deeper and stronger connection. To deeper and wider love and acceptance for our own selves. And power. She is here.
She asks that we lighten ourselves and lay our burdens down at her feet. Her feet that cover the world. Open to her immensity. And feel her call inside to act. And Trust.
I love you.

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