Perthro – Taking Risks


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What we’re working for is going to take risks. We’re going to have to get out of our comfort zones. We’re going to have to risk letting go of old systems that don’t serve us (governments, beliefs, et cetera). We’re gonna have to risk opening our hearts to each other and letting each other in, to work together and collaborate. We’re going to have to risk trusting each other to do what we know is best, even if that’s different than our own tactics. It’s going to take many people, many hands, many hearts, many ways to take on the things we’re taking on right now. We’re going to have to trust ourselves in this process as well.

We’re going to have to get vulnerable with each other, get real. We’re going to have to risk our ego selves. Mine is scared, worried and mad as shit most of the time right now. But we can’t hide anymore. I’m seeing myself and so many of us expressing ourselves in ways that we haven’t before. Things that have always lived inside of us but we’ve held back. Out of fear, out of…fill in the blank, there’s so much. And we need to bring it. All of it. We have to. The world needs every bit of us, every bit. The dark and the light. There’s no more time for hiding.  We need to risk opening ourselves up, showing ourselves to each other, so that we can really be loved and supported and seen, and so that we can offer what we have. It’s a two way street. We need to risk letting each other in, risk the heart break. We won’t see our new day until we’re living fully.

We need to risk the anger and rage. The grief. We also need to risk the joy. I’ve been on quite a journey being present with pain in my life. Spiritual, emotional, mental, physical anguish and suffering. And when they come in their waves, it’s still scary and hard. But I also notice that I clench around joy too! I get scared to feel good, to feel happy, to experience grace and beauty. I’m not very trusting of it. But we’re going to need joy and beauty too to get us through this shit. Don’t forget to enjoy. And enjoy together. Let’s come together to celebrate. Celebrate our victories. Fuck, just celebrate being alive. So many have left us, let’s live fully in their names.

All this said, take care of yourself and each other. That can be risky in itself too. Know your limits, know when you need to rest. When you need to reflect and breathe. We need each other now, more than ever.

The risks that we take will be met with support and will offer us success.


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