Warrior Healing Gem Essence

warrior-healing-essence-stones warrior-healing-gem-essence

I’m offering this essence with the desire to support your healing & strength to face what we are facing right now. And also to support myself financially at this time. I have three 1 oz bottles available right now, sliding scale $8-$13, plus a few bucks for shipping. I’m going to have smaller bottles available soon too; I just need to get the bottles. Email me at or message me on Facebook if you’d like a bottle!

The Warrior Healing Gem Essence has Spring Water, Grain Alcohol, and essences of Mariposite, Pyrite, Rose Quartz, the Rune Kenaz, & blessed by the Nature Spirits, the Sun & Clouds, the cool breeze, the River, Oaks, Manzanita, &  Vulture.         

Mariposite: Soothing & calming for the heart & emotional body. Supporting a heart centered being and calm & flexibility to face change. Pyrite: Protection. Personal power & will. The Sun, fire, the Spark of Life. Truth. Strength. Specifically supports empowerment & protection in fighting for justice, freedom, & protection for people & planet. Rose Quartz: Heart Chakra. Compassion. Unconditional Love. Supports emotional healing & trauma. Supports heart connection with others. Kenaz: Rune of the Torch, the guiding light of inner wisdom. Supporting your trust in your own intuition & inner Truth. Vulture:  Death & Rebirth. Collaboration. Community. Vulture glides on air currents, teaching us how to have levity & move with the energy without exhausting ourselves.

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